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Nail preparation:
1. Smooth natural nails in the shape you desire;

2. Push back the cuticles using a cuticles pusher knife or an orange wood (to facilitate the preparation we advise the use of cutigel oil to soften the cuticles,then rinse the nails to eliminate the oily product);

3. Use buffer carefully to make nails opaque and remove any residuals with specific nail brush;

4. Degrease nail with nail cleaner.


PEEL OFF LAC ONE STEP application:
1. Apply first thin layer of peel off lac color;

2. Dry in uv lamp for 120” or in a led lamp for 60”/90”;

3. Apply a second thin layer of peel off lac color;

4. Dry in uv lamp for 120” or in a led lamp for 60”/90”;

The laying of the nail polish should be thin and should not cover at the first pass.

NB: in case you desire a mayor covering, apply a third thin layer of peel off lac color.

- you don’t need to degrease


1. Keep your nails in a hot water for some minutes;

2. Lift gently the nail polish side with an orange wood and remove it;

NB: in case of some residuals, use a specific 4 faces buffer


In case of the low duration of nail polish, we advise to replace the nail cleaner use, with a primer, make it dry for 60”.for the removal, leave your nails for about 6’ in the specific remover and then lift with orange wood.

For an optimal result, follow carefully the steps before the nail preparation.

For already treated nails and very porous it is recommended to use the remover to remove.

*keep nail polish away from sources of heat and close carefully the top after the using.

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