This page will guide you step by step during the application of the semi-permanent ONE STEP.

How to prepare the nail for one step nail polish:

Using the orange sticks, gently push the cuticles back so that the color does not rise during application;

with a file prepare the shape of the nail in the desired way;

prepare the natural nail by carefully opacifying it with a white buffer;

to optimize the cleaning of the nail from residues due to the opacification phase, use a brush.

One step semi-permanent nail polish application:

Apply the PRIMER and let it air dry for 60 seconds;

Apply the color in a thin layer;

dry and catalyze in UV lamp for 120 '' or in LED lamp for 60 '';

during the procedure do not degrease.

One step semi-permanent nail polish removal:

Opacify the color with the 4 Faces Buffer, using file # 2;

for greater protection for those with sensitive skin, apply the nourishing balm on the part of the finger that is immersed in the removal liquid;

soak your nails for 6 minutes in the specific mood remover;

gently push and remove the color with the specific orange stick;

Once you removed all the color if residues of the same remain, proceed again with step n.2 until you get to step n.4 where the nail is made completely smooth.

Advice: For an even more shiny effect, apply a last layer of GLOSSY SUPREME TOP COAT

WARNINGS: Use on a perfectly healthy nail.

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