SPECIAL OFFER Semipermanent Uv lacquer 4+1 FREE!


In all MI-NY stores and also online is restarted the promotion MOOD COLORS 4+1.

Buying 4 semi-permanent UV lacquers choosen from the MOOD collection, MI-NY gives to you the 5° always choosen from the same collection. 

Between the colors you can even choose BASE-FINISH and PRIMER.

To use this promotion you simply need to select from the e-commerce the 5 semipermanent uv lacquer and continue with the purchase. In the shopping card a discount equal to the value of the semipermanent MOOD lacquer ( 13,50 )

Special offer not combinable with the price discount dedicated to the beauty Professionist.

The promotion is applicable up to a maximum of two free gifts.

Paint your freedom with MI-NY!



free1 (2).jpg

Buying 4 MOOD collection of enamels, the 5th choice always the same collection, on us MI-NY!
Between the colors you can also choose between BASE-PRIMER and FINISH.
To get this offer online, simply select the desired dall'ecommerce 5 semipermanent glaze and proceed with the purchase.
The cart will receive a discount equal to the value of the semi-permanent polish (€ 15.50).

The promotion is applicable up to a maximum of a tribute.

Offer valid only for purchases from Italy, not combinable with discount dedicated to professionals.

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