Kit Acrygel full

KIT ACRYGEL FULL contains everything you need for a perfect reconstruction of your nails.

The innovative product Acrygel combines the advantages of the gel to the points of strength of the acrylic, can be applied to all types of nails, easily moldable, does not drip, does not burn and does not stick to the cuticles.

As a result you will have perfect nails and the effect is natural.

The kit contains:

  • Acrygel of a shade of your choice:=> SELECT YOUR ACRIGEL FOR THE KIT <=
  • Solution Acrygel modelling 125 ml
  • Buffer
  • Nail prep
  • Primer
  • Acrygel glass
  • Brush nails
  • Lima 80
  • Nail cleaner
  • Base finish
  • Acrygel brush - brush spatula
  • Acrygel dual system form
  • Possibility of purchase in addition to the kit of a LED lamp or UV.

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  • Prepare the natural nail opacizzandola with the buffer and white.
  • Apply on the nail bed, a layer of Nail Prep and allow to dry in air for 60" (optional)
  • Apply the Primer and let it dry in the air for 60".
  • Choose the form with the correct size for each nail.
  • Take a quantity of Acrygel with the help of the spatula and insert it in the mould.
  • Roll it out with the special brush soaked in a Solution Acrygel Modelling coming to the desired length.
  • Flip the Dual Form, and place it on the nail, pressing from top to bottom, until all the bubbles disappear.
  • Remove the excess product on the edges of the form with the help of a brush soaked in a Solution Shaping and spread it out even in the part under the nail.
  • Polymerize in UV lamp 240 seconds (4 min) and LED lamp in 90 seconds.
  • Remove the Dual Form by applying a slight pressure on the edges of the tip towards the inside and lift it gently.
  • Adjust the length of the nail and choose the shape you want with the file.
  • Remove the residues with a special brush and then degrease with Nail Cleaner (only if you file because it has no dispersion)
  • Apply a layer of Finish and let it catalyze in the lamp, then degrease.


NOTE: If you want to apply the color, do it after the degreasing of the Acrygel and close with the finish (except if you apply a gel Polish Peel Off). For the removal and refil is to be treated as if it were gel.

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