Acrygel Dual System Form

The Acrygel Dual System Forms are molds that can recreate a nail in a few steps.


  • Prepare the natural nail opacizzandola with the buffer and white.
  • Apply on the nail plate a layer of Nail Prep and allow to dry in air for 60".
  • Apply the Primer and let it dry in the air for 60".
  • Choose the tip with the right size for each nail.
  • Take a quantity of Acrygel with the help of the spatula and insert it in the mould.
  • Roll it out with the special brush soaked in a Solution Acrygel Modelling from the wider side towards the thinnest part of the tip, arriving at the desired length.
  • Flip the Dual Form, and place it on the nail, pressing from top to bottom, until all the bubbles disappear.
  • Remove the excess product on the edges of the form with the help of a brush soaked in a Solution Modelling.
  • Polymerize in UV lamp 240 seconds (4 min) and LED lamp in 90 seconds.
  • Remove the Dual Form by applying a slight pressure on the edges of the tip towards the inside and lift it gently.
  • Adjust the length of the nail and choose the shape you want with the file.
  • Remove the residues with a special brush and then degrease with the Nail Cleaner.
  • Apply a layer of Finish and let it catalyze in the lamp, then degrease.


NOTE: If you want to apply the color, do it after the degreasing of the Acrygel.

*Always close with the Finish.

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Acrygel Dual System Form


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