Acrygel Bright White

Acrygel MI-NY is a true revolution for the reconstruction of nails!

It is a method that is new and innovative, a hybrid that combines the benefits of gel with those ofacrylic, the nails, the most durable, flexible and long-lasting.


  • color: chalk white
  • consistency, high viscosity
  • easily moldable
  • does not drip and does not stick to the cuticles
  • simple to delete on the skin
  • perfect application
  • stronger gel UV
  • more flexible than acrylic
  • applicable on all types of nail
  • natural effect
  • allows you to work 5 nails at the same time
  • polymerize in UV lamp 240 seconds (4 minutes) x 3 and LED lamp in 90 seconds x 3
  • 60 g

Available in 5 different colours.

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Acrygel Bright White



  • Prepare the natural nail opacizzandola with the buffer and white.
  • Apply on the nail bed, a layer of Nail Prep and allow to dry in air for 60" (optional)
  • Apply the Primer and let it dry in the air for 60".
  • Choose the form with the correct size for each nail.
  • Take a quantity of Acrygel with the help of the spatula and insert it in the mould.
  • Roll it out with the special brush soaked in a Solution Acrygel Modelling coming to the desired length.
  • Flip the Dual Form, and place it on the nail, pressing from top to bottom, until all the bubbles disappear.
  • Remove the excess product on the edges of the form with the help of a brush soaked in a Solution Shaping and spread it out even in the part under the nail.
  • We cure the gel in lamp
  • Remove the Dual Form by applying a slight pressure on the edges of the tip towards the inside and lift it gently.
  • Adjust the length of the nail and choose the shape you want with the file.
  • Remove the residues with a special brush and then degrease with Nail Cleaner (only if you file because it has no dispersion)
  • Apply a layer of Finish and let it catalyze in the lamp, then degrease.


NOTE: If you want to apply the color, do it after the degreasing of the Acrygel and close with the finish (except if you apply a gel Polish Peel Off). For the removal and refil is to be treated as if it were gel.

Data sheet Acrygel Bright White

Contenuto60 g

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