The Acrygel Dual Form are molds able to re-create a nail in very few steps

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How to use:

Prepare the natural nail like any other nail reconstruction
Choose the tip with the correct dimension for every nail
Take with a spatula a quantity of Acrygel and put it in the shape
Apply with the specific brush,soaked by the Modelling Acrygel Solution, from the wider side towards the thinner part of the tip, by arriving to the desired lenght
Flip the Dual Form and put it on the nail, pushing from top to bottom, until all bubbles disappear
Take off the excesses of product from the borders of the form thanks to the brush soaked by the Modelling Solution
Dry under lamp for 60 seconds
Take off the Dual Form, by using a light pressure on the edges of the top towards the inner side and lift it gently
Adjust the lenght of the nail and choose the desired shape with the file
It does not need the application of the top coat