The powder has an ancient history and has always been a symbol of femininity, beauty and elegance. Today this cosmetic is definitely inevitable in the beauty routine, especially in the make up, of every woman and its function is above all to make the complexion impeccable, opacifying it, and to fix concealer and foundation. Discover our mini guide all the secrets and types of face powder made especially for you and that you can also find on our MI-NY store, after which try them and bring them always with you.

Silky Powder: what it is

The powder is one of the best friends of women and nowadays this cosmetic is made with hyper-technological formulas, delicate on the skin and also moisturizing and silky, nourishing and very safe even on the sensitive epidermis. For example, our MI-NY powders have light textures and applied easily, mattify in one step and manage to make the complexion truly impeccable. In fact, this is precisely the task of the face powder, minimizing imperfections, uniforming the skin and making it less shiny, uniform in color and truly sensual and silky. On the market you will find both compact and loose powder, this less simple to dose and less practical for many women. Both are ideal for a make-up of the most different styles and can be used in all seasons, but the right brush is essential to apply them on the face. Find out below which one to choose and how to use it together with your ideal powder and if you are curious and anxious to put our beauty secrets into practice, also visit our e-shop: the new and inimitable MI-NY powders await you online.

How to apply Silky Powder

The powder can be applied in various ways, or better by using different make-up tools. What is always very important is to buy first of all excellent products, be they cosmetics such as face powder or make-up tools such as brushes and take care of them with criteria. Before finding out how to apply the powder, it is good to spend a few words on its conservation which must take place away from sources of heat and direct light and if you do not use it after the expiration date specified on the package, it is appropriate to throw it without regrets. Not only that, even the brushes must be well kept and it is appropriate to wash them with the appropriate cleaning products or with cleansing milk and soaps for the face.

• Apply the powder with the brush: and remember that the specific ones have short and compact bristles that ensure a matt effect, while those with longer bristles offer a lighter effect.

• Face powder with the sponge: if it is compact and simply tap it on the face without leaving any area. There are face powders that already contain their sponge, usually flat and practical, but you will also find other highly technological models.

• For an extra resistant effect: instead we recommend applying a first layer of face powder with a special brush and then carrying out a second step using a slightly moistened sponge.

The right color

The powder must be chosen with care and above all the color must harmonize with your complexion; no possibility of error if you choose the neutral colorless ones, but if you opt for the pinkish ones make sure that they do not have the doll effect: a pink allure is perfect, as long as it is not too intense and decisive. The same goes for the bronze and beige and brown versions: try it out

Transparent face powder

Transparent face powder, also called white or colorless face powder, is perfect for the make up finish and all make up artists always use it, especially if the make up is particularly elaborate. You can also use it to opacify the face, to fix foundation and concealer and to ensure a fresh and perfectly made-up face throughout the day.

Colored face powder

The colored powder usually has pink shades or with peach and apricot pigments: it is mainly used on the cheeks to give a less flat effect to the make up, it is less intense than the blush, and gives a fresh and healthy allure in all seasons.

Mattifying Powder

Mattifying face powder is really an indispensable joker for all ages and allows you to camouflage enlarged pores, blackheads and even fine lines or discolourations especially in the T zone, the one usually more prone to skin imperfections. Not only that, this powder fixes foundation and concealer for a long time and its texture makes the skin dry. However, we recommend you apply the mattifying powder with a long bristle brush for a more natural and light mood.

Illuminating Powder

The Illuminating powder is a great ally of beauty and if used on strategic areas, cheekbones chin, forehead, nose and upper arch of the eyebrows will give the right volume to the face, making you more beautiful and young.

Bronze effect face powder

Finally, we also mention the bronze powder, a cosmetic that is very reminiscent of the earth but which in fact is a fixative with pigments that recall the sun-kissed effect. It is used to even out the tan or to give a more summery allure to fair skin and those who do not like being in the sun. It does not have a covering effect and just one veil of product, often pearlescent, is enough to have a natural and uniform face on summer days.

Face powder: mistakes to avoid

To make the best use of the face powder and make sure you fully enjoy all its remarkable qualities, it is good to pay attention to some useful tips and advice. Below you will find all the tips to follow to always have a beautiful, young, well-made but natural and feminine face. Eventually ask our customer service for advice on the right color for your complexion.

The amount of face powder

Using the right amount of face powder, especially at the beginning, is not always easy and for this you will find times where the brush  will be too rich in dust. Avoid blowing on it to eliminate the excess, you would risk inadvertently moistening it, then tap the handle on the sink and gently slide the extra powder.

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