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The nail art nail polish available on the shop online are the best one to let free its own creativity and to make unique nails.

On sale, professionals and nail lovers could find all the necessary to realize masterpieces in miniature.

Between the products for nail art, are there available many nail polish in a wide range of colors and shades; beside the classic colors that you can use as base for your decorations, you can find also more particular colors for outpoint the creations realized.

For the youngest, whom follow trends and the latest news of fashion, are there available fluo colors, glitters or craquelé; products for nail art MI-NY are constantly updated, to be online with the latest trend.

After having chosen the colors and most particular effects, are you worried to not be able to realize the decoration of your dreams?

The shop online offers a wide range of nail art products, for whom want to try and become a real nail stylist.

Leaving space to fantasy, beside the classic nail polish, you could decorate your nails with colored plumes, thin aluminum foils for a mirror effect or 3d olographic adhesives. Dotting will be your friend for being precise in the small details while the tip display will be the product you can’t renounce, for exposing your decorations and show to your friends and your most demanding clients.

All the products available will allow to create unique works, that you can combine to your outfit to surprise friends at every occasion. To have perfect and original nails is really important for every woman and with the products for nail art of MI-NY, you can have all the necessary for beautiful hands.

Nail Art Accessories

To make your nails even more unique and customized, MI-NY has thought to realize also a serie of accessories for Nail Art, as STENCIL with the double desing, ideal for creating a double effect.

Can’t miss CHROMATIC MIRROR POWDERS, cromatic powders for captivating and super glamour nails or CRYSTAL EFFECT, for a shining and billiant result. For whom want to continuosly surprise, can let its fantasy free with the colored pearls CAVIAR EFFECT, to give your nails a tridimensional effect.

If you desire a mirror effect we suggest FOIL, thin aluminium foils, available in different colors.

For super customized decorations, MI-NY suggests the STRIP NAIL ART, adhesive strips in different nuances, for a unique look. To add an extra touch at your nail art, are there the WHEELS composed by SWAROVSKY or STUDS for a precious and seducing look.

Let your fantasy be free with the ADHESIVES MI-NY, for unique FRENCH MANICURE! Descover all the products NAIL ART of MI-NY, to create unique and inimitable works, which make your hands real masterpieces.

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