The semi permanent gel polish KIT branded MI-NY contain all the necessary for a perfect application of the semi permanent gel polish. These kits represent an essential tool for beauticians and professional nail technicians. For their simply of use, the kits MI-NY can be used also by whom is starting to work in the world of nail reconstruction. Studied specifically for this category, MI-NY has prepared a detailed guide for the application of the semi permanent gel polish, to follow you step by step in the procedure.

Type of kit gel nail polish

MI-NY proposes three different kind of kits, to better satisfy the needs of every one. In all the kit you can find high quality products, according to the MI-NY standards, with polish and solutions free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde or DBP, known to be dangerous for the health. In the detail, every kit contains a manicure bowl, orangewood, a straight white file, a white and 4 face buffer, a nail brush, a specific product for the degrease and one for the removal, a base/finish polish, a primer an one color of gel polish.

  • The basic kit contains all the accessories for a perfect manicure, with exception for the lamp; it is indicated for the whom already have a LED or UV lamp.
  • The second kind of kit contains a UV lamp, 36 Watt, which disposes of 4 lamps of 9 Watt and an easy to use timer, the third kind of kit includes a LED lamp.

MI-NY offers the possibility to select a semi permanent gel polish of a desired color, that you will receive for free with the kit. By choosing one of the semi permanent gel polish kit available on our web-shop, you will have a range of products of high quality, made in Italy and with whom to start immediately to experiment new styles for your nails.

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