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MOOD semi-permanent colors

How many colors of semipermanent polishes, are available in the shop MI-NY? The line MOOD COLORS allow to choose between 72 colors, to always have perfect nails, suitable for every occasion and outfit!

As for all the semipermanent polishes MI-NY, they’re brilliant and perfect for more than two weeks; easy to apply thanks to the application, perfect not only for the professionals but also for the beauty lovers.

Last but not least is the absolute quality of the colors, that does not contain dangerous ingredients for nails, are there classified 4 FREE: free of formaldheyde, toluene, dbp and camphor.

Among MOODS you can find the perfect colors, unmistakable for their brightness and quality.

After the application, there will be necessary only few minutes under UV lamp to fix perfectly colors on nails.

It is not important if you choose the glittered black or the more classic red, the results will be professional and elegant.

The colors of the semipermanent MI-NY are associated to a place, a connection that bond the colors and the most beautiful destination of world.

The turquoise is dedicated to Santorini and its crystalline waters, the black takes name from the fantastic Ibiza.

Descover the colors, choose your favourite one and complete your look with the products suggested.

Check on the shop online, you can see the effect of colors on nails thanks to the swatches, read the best suggestions to combine and apply your semipermanent polish.

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