To have good nails is the dream of every woman, not only for a beauty factor but also for a question of comfort. To do this is necessary to avail professional products, studied and realized to reach a perfect and long lasting final result: Acrygel is the new innovative product for the nail reconstruction, which combines the benefits of the traditional gel system with the ones of the powder/liquid system, by improving the aspect and faciliting the jobs, which become really funny. The advantage of some products is to combine the treatment for every kind of nail, even the worst one, by doing the work in a quick and practical way: take care of itself have not to be satisfactory only at finished job but also during. Let's descover together what is Acrygel and its countless qualities

What is Acrygel

Acrygel is the revolutionary product for nail reconstruction, which combines the potentiality of the gel system with the advantages of acrylic so as to obtain an effective method - resistant and long lasting. Acrygel has been studied by professionals, conceiving something extremely different but which could use the elements of the systems that have always been preferred in nail reconstruction: unlike a normal gel, this compound is more stronger and - in the same time - more flexible than acrylic. Its highly viscous texture allows a different processing from the usual ones in use modeling any type of nail - even the most damaged - more easily with a precise and perfect application on the whole area of interest. With the innovative Acrygel method the process takes place without leakage or burns that emerge during polymerization inside the UV lamp: in the case of small spots on the skin, these can be eliminated in a few seconds.

The five colors to try

Acrygel is available in five different colors, which do not alter the nuance that can be applied in a second step. In the specific:

  • Acrygel Cover Pink, pink color, natural effect
  • Acrygel Light Pink, of a pale pink color,natural effect
  • Acrygel Bright White, of chalk white color, natural effect
  • Acrygel Soft White, of milk white color, natural effect
  • Acrygel Clear, of nude / transparent color, natural effect

Acrygel products are to be combined with the professional accessories found inside the store, designed to satisfy every type of need, for all the specifications required for all nail reconstruction techniques. High quality tools and products and also many novelties are coming.

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