Matte Effect Lipstick 

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 Hello MI-NY lovers! Have you already tried the matte lipsticks of MI-NY?

First of all, for whom never heard this, we need to explain what matte lipsticks are.

The main feature of this kind of lipsticks is that, thanks to their particular composition, they guarantee an extraordinay lasting (kiss-proof!) and gives an intense color to lips.

The lipsticks with matte finish are really covering, with an homogenous texture and gives a matte and velvety effect, perfect for everyone desidere an irresistible smile!

Other incredible quality is that being free of pigments that reflect light, differently from brilliant and lucid lipsticks, avoid possible spots and annoying smudges, ideal also for the muddler ones!

For this kind of lipsticks, being really dense, is suggestable to moisture well lips, maybe doing a mini scrub to remove any possible cracking (particularly during winter) and then apply the balm, to make lips even more soft and always at the top!

Matte Lipsticks Colors

Thanks to its velvety effect, the matte lipsticks are perfect for every situation, during day and evening.

If for example you want an elegant look and at the same time sober, maybe for a job briefing, you have to use the UNEXPECTED, from pink to red tone.

If you have a romantic date and you want to point on sensuality, the intense red of VANITY is the right choice!

For the youngest ones or for whom love to surprise there is CHEERFUL, the bright pink, with a fresh effect.

For an evening out with friends, you have to dare with CHRISHED, for an incredible original and glamour look.

For whom is always in a hurry, from morning to evening, but do not want to renunce to its chic side:

COOL, full and definite, for woman who want to ipnotize!

So? Have you already decided your favourite Matte Lipstick MI-NY?  



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