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MI-NY Cosmetics presents the line Nature Sourced Formula. The particularity and innovation of this kind of nail polish is their composition: in line with the exo-friendly philosphy, for their realization are used bio-sourced ingredients up to 84%, as potatoes, mais, grain and manioc.

Nature Sourced Formula nail polishes are thought in particularly for women who wants to be aware of the products they use, by pointing on safe and qualitative products, whitout renouncing to beauty.

Why to choose a natural nail polish

Nature Sourced Formula nail polishes have a level of purity never reached before: they are infact free of chemical substances, enough dangerous, usually used for the formulation of nail polish like: TOLUENE, FORMALDEHYDE, CAMPHOR AND DBP.

Moreover styrene is not included, buti t is anyway guaranteed a long-lasting and shiny performance.

Traditional solvents have been replaced by vegetable origing ones, that optimize drying times and a specific adipic poliestere resin guarantees a maximum durability and an intense luminosity at every application.

Natural nail polishes for every woman

These nail polish are the only ones studied to be compliance with many philosophies, religious belief and life styles.

Thanks to the low chimical content present, these nail polishes are usable also from pregnant women, and being free of ingredients of animal origin, but they are mineral or vegetable based, are perfect also for whom marry the vegan philosophy.

A wide range of super trendy colors allow to choose the perfect shade for every occasion and season. The presence of a uv filter, protect nails from yellowing and decoloration due to the exposure to sunlight, especially during summer.

The goal of Nature Sourced Formula nail polishes is to create a perfect synergy between awareness and beauty.



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