I love the semipermanent glaze but do not always have time to apply them? With the new semi-permanent nail polish one step on sale in our online shop you will have the desired effect using a single product! The application is easy and fast, a real revolution in the world of nail art involving numerous professional nail addicted. Available in 5 different colors you can choose your favorite, you will choose an outfit combining it day by day during working days as well as during the evenings with her friends. From today you do not have to give up the beautiful semipermantente enamel effect, you can have it in a minute!
As it can be applicable in a few moments one semi-permanent polish? MI-NY has invested energies in order to provide more and better products to its customers, researching innovative formulas that allow you to achieve perfect results in line with the quality of Made in Italy and with the respect of health. The innovative category of one step allows you to have in a single product base, nail polish and sealant, so can speed this little beauty ritual that every woman loves to indulge. Are you wondering how you have done to date without using the enamel semi-permanent one step? It's time to try this innovative product and order it from our online shop to show off immediately perfect nails! All the products that you order will not disappoint for ease of use, quality and outcome that surely will be impeccable.

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