Feeling well and beautiful with yourself are goals that any woman would not give up.

Even whom less expert can have good results with some simple rules for the make-up, by choosing the right product, which exhalt its own strenghts and personality.

The right products for the make-up

According to the skin type or to the presence of imperfections, as spots, pimples or couperose, you have to choose the products most suitable, otherwise you risk to obtain the opposite results.

For oily or mixed skins is unsuggested the use of foamy cleansing, purifying masks or scrub before to make-up because they stimulate the lipid excess and could compromise the hold of the makeup by dissolving it. Ideal is the usage of a mattifying concealer or a mineral based foundation, able to make tissues to breath.

For dry skin the beauty routine with moisturizing products is important. It is better to avoid foundation, blush or other in powder, and use always products in cream.

The blush, particularly, as well as the illuminating are useful to give light to complexion off of dry skin

The primer is necessary for a long-lasting make-up, and also to fight against desquamation.

When there are eye bags, pimples, spots or redness is necessary use concealers, but also apply a good base with primer, that makes homogenous and uniform the make-up.

Face cleansing

Before to make-up is necessary that skin is clean from impurities and make-up traces. Cleanse accurately the face and then make a scrub to remove any dead cells.

At this point you can apply a face cream, usually nourishing, that will be the first base for your make-up.


Now you can apply the Primer, a product with the consistence more or less grainy, to create a uniform and omogenous base, by increasing the lasting of the make-up.

The primer can be: filler to minimize the wrinkles, enlarged pores or scars, mattifying for whom suffer of sebum excess, corrective when you have to hide differences in the skin color, and illuminating if skin is off and without vitality.


The choice has to consider the skin color and type.

For the color you have to do a trial between the neck and jaw, in order to avoid the mask effect or pale face, and to avoid big differences between face and neck.

After, you have to choose the right texture.

For dry skin is suggested a cream or liquid formula, that nourish, for oily skins is suggestable a mineral based composition.

When you have choosen your color, blend it with a foundation blush.

BB cream

In alternative to the foundation, you can apply this product, considered a real ally for beauty, if time available is small. BB cream has three functions in one: it is a moustirizing cream, color in an uniform way and reduce imperfections


Now is time to cover the imperfections. The choice of the color depends from the defect to hide: for eye bags from tiredness you have to use purple, for rednesses the green, while for the other imperfections shades from yellow to orange.


A thin layer of powder helps to fix the make-up base and mattify areas as forehead, nose – chin, that tend to become lucid.

Powder can be compact or in powder.


It has to be used only on cheeks to give a point of color on face and has to be choosen according to the effect that you want to obtain, natural or more eccentuaed.

Contouring or strobing

These two tecniques are professional, but can be also easily used for a daily make-up.

The contouring uses powder that has to be applied at the side of the nose, under the cheekbones and at the hairline to give three-dimensionality to the face. Strobing, on the other hand, uses the highlighter to enhance certain points on the face such as the upper part of the cheekbone or to widen the eyebrow arch.

MI-NY products for face make-up

To create a perfect make-up base you can find a complete and quality choice among the products of Mi-ny, a cutting-edge brand in cosmetics. Start your beauty routine by cleaning your face from impurities with SOFT MILK, with sweet almond oil and mallow extract with a moisturizing, elasticizing and soothing action. Then continue applying FACE PRIMER ALL OVER to obtain a smooth skin and create a long-lasting base of the make-up, and if necessary apply the CONCEALER choosing from the four colors available.

Now it's time to apply a foundation suitable for all skin types, such as MAKE UP ARTIST FLUID FOUNDATION FOUNDATION, with SFP 20 that will make your skin uniform according to your complexion. If the time is always short, you can also use the MY SECRET BB CREAM, to even out and smooth the complexion. Finally fix the make-up with SILKY POWDER giving a silky touch and enhance your cheeks with FARD EASY BLUSH. To obtain a tanning effect, apply BRONZING POWDER while giving light to your face using the illuminating powder.

Mi-ny has also thought about the right application of its products with the foundation brush, the one with an oblique blush cut to sculpt the cheekbones and the round one from the ground to shade the face, the neck and décolleté area.

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