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Concealer for face

The concealer is a fundamental jolly to realize, even alone, a perfect make up and from the most different styles.

Even if you don’t use too make-up the concealer is really important to take care of skin every day and to fell always in order and beautiful.

Discover all the secrets of this cosmetic always more innovative, smart, easy to use and practical, you bring with you in your bag and you can use it everywhere, even in the gym or during vacation.

What is the concealer and why you have to use it

The concealer will really become your best friend and is it a modern cosmetic, declined in many shades to be able to satisfy even the most demanding woman.

The concealer is necessary to correct and minimize the discolorations and imperfections of skin as spots,pimples, eye bags...

There are concealers also to cover capillaries from body and not only of face.

In general, beside the specific formulation of the concealer you will chooce, this cosmetics ‘must have’ has a formulation or texture more dense and creamy than the foundation, more rich of covering pigments.

Use it is very easy and is enough to apply on the area to correct and to blend it with the fingers or specific sponge, or with the specific brush. To fix it you just need to apply a thin layer of silky powder.

There are many women that only use a liquid or compact concealer, in stick, if they are in hurry and they do not have time to realize a more precise base for the makeup.

This is possibile if you don’t have big imperfections to cover and if your skin is young and you don’t use often make-up.

In general the concealer is better if combined with a foundation and a silky powder: you can find all these specific products and of high quality on our web-shop MI-NY, with very competitive prices.

There are also illuminating concealers, from a lighter formulation, that are used to illuminate strategically some areas of the face, in order to give a lifting and natural effect at ever age.

The best concealer for the face

The concealer, as well as other cosmetics for face and body, has to be choosen carefully and is important to choose ones of high quality and easy to use, especially if you are not experts of make-up. MI-NY has thought to all of you and has created concealers at hoc to cover naturally, but in an efficacious way every imperfections, by guaranteeing maximum moisturizing and a practical packaging. In particular our products have a creamy but dense texture and are there in stick, in order to allow an immediate, super quickly but perfect application.

Discover all the available colors and how to use at the best with this our guide.

Concealer bio or traditional: which choose

What really mean, bio concealer, and is it a better product than other ones?

The writing bio means biological and needs to identify a products realized according to specific requirements which certify the production through low crop exploitation.

They are natural products that can anyway be compared, for safety and performance, to others of more industrial origin.

What is important in the choice of cosmetics is to research the ones with selected ingredients, safe and natural and that are cruelty free and free of parabens, petrolatums and chemical agents potentially dangerous for health and the environment.

All MI-NY products are safe, tested and certified, ideal to use also on the most sensitive skin, at every age and their competitive prices do not exclude the quality.

How to apply the concealer

It does not exist an universal way, correct or wrong to apply the concealer on face, but are there suggested techniques.

This depends from the area of face to make-up or from the types of products choosen and mainly from their formulation: stick, cream, powder, eg. The concealer is used on specific areas as pimples, spots, but also on big areas as the eye contour or on eyelid.

In this last case you can use a concealer, specific and with a color and texture at hoc and for the other imperfections to correct. In general the concealer has to be applied on well cleansed skin and dry but there is also whom apply it after the foundation, for a more covering effect.

We suggest however to use the concealer in stick: more practical and creamy, highly moisturizing and covering at the right point, by applying it with a brush or fingers.

Pat it and blend lightly with light movements, after fix it with a silky powder; if the area to treat is wider,

All the colors of the concealer

There are many colors, every with a specific covering function. One of the most famous and particular is without any doubt the green, or the one for eyebag, but not only, here we present the must have to always have a fresh, young, and beautiful face, every day.

Green concealer: is perfect if you want to hide redness of skin, due to pimples or broken capillaries.

Concealer for eyebag: has a yellow tone which neutralizes the purple, under eyes and contrary of the beige one leaves the face color more natural. If your eye bags are more close to blue is better to use a orange concealer.

Concealer to illuminate or eliminate yellowish: is ideal for olive skin or for smokers. This cosmetics has a pink or purple color, wisteria mostly, and gives immediately a bright and healthy aspect to your face.

The traditional concealer beige or light brown: it is perfect to cover imperfections in a generical way. It has not a specific function and we suggest if for young skin or for whom do not have particular signs to correct.

Bring it always in your bag; it will become your beauty ally.

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