MI-NY offers a wide range of gel and accessories, thought to satisfy the desire of every woman to have perfect hands.

Gel are addressed to professionals, as well as for the beauty nails lovers, that can choose between single-phase and three-phase gels.

The simpliest method foresee the usage of the one-phase gel, in a very practical and quick way you can apply directly on nails, without the need to extend it.

The more expert ones can choose the three-phase gel, by following a longer procedure, that starts with the application of one gel for the preparation of nail, one as builder and the last one as sealer.

Every product MI-NY is simple to use and chacterized by unique lasting.

To guarantee everyone to have a perfect manicure, MI-NY has realized a line of products and accessories that every nail lover must have.

If you are looking for a complet product for the application of the gel, the online shop gives you the possibility to buy a kit gel one-phase or three phase for nail reconstruction; for who wants long nails is available a kit of 100 tips in 10 different size, to fit every kind og nails or also a square form, to be cut on size to guarantee a natural effect.

Many accessories that give you the possibility to create simple and elegant nail reconstructions or unique and smashing.

GEL MI-NY will be perfect for three week, after this time you can do a refill, by choosing different decoration to give a new life to nails. Between the products you can find professional lamps to fix gel, nail drill to remove, cutter, orangewood and many other for your manicure.

With MI-NY you will always have perfect nails; now you have only to test yourself and dedicate beauty moments to your nails.

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