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Coloured nail polish, that collect over hundred different shades, which born from fifteen different colors.

This is one of the first line born and being thought from MI-NY for everyone love simple and fresh nail polish, to be wear at every occasion and to be match day by day according to clothing and mood.

All GLAM nail polishes are studied thinking to the health of nails and hands; they are realized giving many importance to quality, without using dangerous ingredients for nails as formaldehyde, camphor, toluene and dbp.

Glam colors are coloured nail polish for perfect nails at every occasion and season.

Which nail polish you’d choose for a summer day? MI-NY suggests happy colors like yellow and orange, available in a wide range of shades, that will fit to every outfiy.

Is your favourite colour Blue, for its shades and nuances? By choosing one of the 17 tones of blue, you could have perfect nails for a evening with friends, as well as for a ceremony where elegance is a must.

Gold & Blue will be the ideal for the first occasion and Blue Lagoon for the second one.

Many other shades are there in the Glam collection; between our favourite ones are there the pinks, available in 28 shades that  will attract attention on your nails, that will be perfect in every situation.

Whatever is your favourite one, over the hundred colors, you will be satisfied for having choosen a GLAM MI-NY.

Let yourself be conquered from MI-NY!

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