Blush for a perfect make-up: all the secrets on how to apply

The fard is a great ally for make-up and beauty of every age and is really a must have from many years. It is fundamental, in order to have a fresh and young face, on morning and on evening and during all seasons-

Here’s all the secrets of fard, or commonly called blush, its ideal consistence,  how to better choose, how yo apply and which one is the best for you

Blush: What is and why you have to use it

The blush is a fundamental cosmetic to emphasize the features of the face and above all to emphasize the cheekbones and is also used in Ancient Egypt as a cosmetic but also as a healing powder. Not only that, this product, easy to use and commercially available in infinite textures and nuances, gives the skin more brightness beyond the natural color of the epidermis and gives a fresher and healthier mood. The blush, especially the one signed MI-NY is also used by women who do not wear many make-up, precisely for its infinite qualities and ease of use, in addition to the practicality of its packaging and competitive price. Thanks to the many shades available, you can apply the blush on any face, blending it properly and enjoying it even in summer or evening. No doubt about it, the blush is a real joker for all women and below we will explain better how to choose the best one and how to use it in a few steps for a star look every day.

The consistence of blush

The blush in powder is certainly the best known and most used and has significant advantages compared to the others. First of all, it is easy to find it, it can be applied easily and in a few steps and you can use the fingertips, the classic Kabuki brush or the sponges often supplied with the same blush.

The durability of this powder product is medium to long and even in summer it is an excellent ally of beauty and make up.

 While less suitable for hot days, if you sweat a lot and if you have oily skin the creamy or liquid ones, this is because they could drool and not allow the epidermis to breathe correctly. You will also find blush for in stick, liquid or in the form of mousse, but especially the powder blush remains the best and most loved also by make-up artists from all over the world. Our easy blush powder also have a silky texture that blends with the complexion and are light, ideal to blend on the cheeks to enhance the natural complexion and highlight the features of the face.

How to apply the Blush

Apply the blush for an impeccable make-up is really simple and, as mentioned, it will give you great satisfaction and an enviable allure even if you are not used to putting on a lot of make-up; however, before applying it, it is essential to create an ad hoc base that requires the use of a good foundation of the nuance of your complexion. We recommend our Make-up Artist Fluid Foundation with a fluidy texture texture that does not weigh down but that covers perfectly, has a sun protection factor of 20 and has an optimal duration during  summer, and if you do not want to use the foundation, apply the My Secret BB Cream mi-ny, multifunctional and able to combine the covering effect of the foundation with the moisturizing treatment typical of moisturizing cream for a natural, matt and invigorating result.

If you have imperfections, however, we also recommend using our concealers in stick before foundation or bb cream so that the base is perfect and ready to make you shine all day long. Now it's time to fix everything with a face powder, MI-NY offers you Silky, a compact and silky product that does not weigh down the skin and camouflages imperfections with a make-up artist result at home. Finally the time has come to apply the blush and, after choosing the shade that best suits you, dip the Kabuki brush in the blush, without exaggerating and blend it on the face. The methods of use of this hyper feminine product depend on the result you want to achieve and the type of face. Here are some practical tips on how to best use blush.

• If you want to soften the pronounced cheekbones: and you want to camouflage them, start from the ear and draw, by blending it, a diagonal line on the cheek. However, do not use a blush that is too dark but choose it only one tone darker than your complexion, or prefer pink shades, or peach and apricot especially during summer.

• If you want to make your face look slimmer: start applying the blush from the center of your cheek towards your ear. Again, blend well with the Kabuki face brush and choose shades that are suitable for your complexion, never too dark or too pink or orange.

• If you want to make your face less elongated: horizontally blend the blush, always with the Kabuki brush, from the center of the cheeks to the ears. For an impeccable effect, slightly fade the same blush also in the center of the forehead and on the chin, but without insisting too much.

How to choose the color of the Blush

The color of the ideal blush for your face is determined by the tone of your complexion. Having said that, however, it is good to also prefer the nuances you like best and above all to buy and use products of the highest quality, safe and capable of giving you a healthy, unique and personalized look on every occasion. Thanks to the customer service of MI-NY you can ask all questions related to products, in this case about blush and, why not, also visit our social pages and get an idea on the latest fashion trends to find ideas for your make up . Here’s above all the tricks and secrets to find the right blush color for you and in a few simple steps.
• If you have very light skin: prefer pink shades, apricot or peach in winter and medium light brown tones in other seasons.
• If you have medium-toned skin: better medium-light brown blush in summer and winter dare pink shades but better if warm and not too light.
• If you have dark skin: use plum, brown and beige blush tones as long as they are pearly and bright in any case.
• If you have tanned or olive skin: prefer amber blushes or dark and warm brown tones.

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